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Inspire your audience with empowering entertainment made for women

The Journey Up - A Collection

In this hilarious collection of short films and educational videos women struggle to overcome internal and external challenges while on their journey to success.

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These empowering short films would be a great addition for your empowerment event, personal growth seminar, business development conference, sister circle and more.
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Send an inspiring short film to enhance your message. Your subscribers will enjoy a highly entertaining, relatable film with nuggets of wisdom that they are sure to grow from.
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Share the video to your page and treat your members to a special online screening. Your members will laugh out loud and gain practical tips that they can implement immediately.

The Journey Up Collection

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Dreams v Opposition

A woman decides to reach for her dreams and inevitably comes face to face with Opposition.

Short film                Approx. Run Time: 9 min

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The Life Coach

A struggling life coach finds herself in an embarrassing situation that causes her to question her path.

Short film                Approx. Run Time: 7 min

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The Nightmare

A struggling author wakes up in the middle of the night and encounters terrifying women who point out her flaws.

Short film                Approx. Run Time: 6 min

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Focus on Solutions

Here's what you can do the next time you're facing a problem.

Edutainment          Approx. Run Time: 2 min

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Giving Up

A fashion designer decides to give up after years of rejection. She quickly discovers what giving up will cost her.

Short film                Approx. Run Time: 7 min

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Take Action Daily

Congrats! You've got a vision for your future. Here's how you can remain in action toward your goals.

Edutainment         Approx. Run Time:  2 min

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